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The eastern trails of the Tuna Valley are located near or in the City of Bradford. These trails retain a strong sense of the wooded splendor of the area, the native trees and other plants as well as many of the same birds and mammals found in the more remote trails. In addition, the visitor can find this Allegheny Highlands community along the trails, meet its people, view its landmarks, learn of its history.

The Richard E. McDowell Trail lies within the grounds of the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. The trail follows the west branch of Tuna Creek, skirting the campus area and passing through creek side woodlands. With a bit of searching you can find the remnants of an earlier era when Pennsylvania crude oil fueled the local economy.

North of town the Crook Farm Trail keeps to the banks of the Tuna to reach the Crook Farm, a Bradford Landmark Society historical site. The original home of the Crook family as well as other historically significant buildings are preserved there. Working examples of early oil production is maintained there also.

The Community Parks Trail is being planned to connect the Richard E. McDowell Trail with the center of Bradford. The above link will connect you to information on progress of the trail building.

The Blaisdell-Emery Trail is built on an abandoned railroad grade from South Bradford to the borough of Lewis Run. It is a north-south link for walking, bicycling and cross-country skiing between the villages and municipalities along the East Branch of the Tuna.

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Map of Tuna Creek and Trails