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South Trail Line Map

South Trail

The abandoned railroad bed on which the trail is built is straight with a gentle grade. The embankment keeps the trail above the surrounding wetlands. The surface has been improved with fine, crushed sandstone.

Standard Drilling Rig

This standard drilling rig at the Penn-Brad Historical Oil Well Park can be seen from the trail. A trailhead adjoiining the park to the south is under construction.


3.8 mi. - Point-to-point

Wooded, wetlands, nearby suburban areas

RR grade improved with crushed sandstone surface

Easy walking, bicycling

Postcard of wells on Tuna Creek
This postcard shows oil wells along Tunungant Creek. They appear to be Pennsylvania standard rigs with wooden derricks.

The Blaisdell-Emery Trail, previously named the South Trail, is now open for hikers and bicyclist. There is a new crushed sandstone surface on the railroad embankment, a new bridge near Minard Run and a new deck on the bridge at Brown Town Road.

The northern trail head is on Owens Way in South Bradford. Park cars to the left and close to the trail. The trail begins on the abandoned railroad grade but soon turns off to pass under Route 219 then return to the railroad grade on the other side. The trail keeps to the railroad grade for the rest of its way and ends on Main Street in Lewis Run next to the entrance to the Keystone Powdered Metal plant.

Last updated 8/29/09