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R.E. McDowell Trail Line Map
McDowell Trail

1.3 miles point-to-point

Trail paved with blacktop

Easy walking

Printable tree guide with trail map.

Paving and no appreciable change in elevation make the R.E. McDowell Trail the easiest to walk.
West Branch of Tuna Creek
Looking upstream from atop the footbridge over the West Branch of Tunungant Creek, the view is grand any time of year.
Piper Plant
Today the trail passes through the campus of the University of Pittsburgh At Bradford but UPB has not always been here. This level field beside the creek once served as the runway for the Taylor Aircraft Company, maker of the Piper Cub. The hanger and airfield control "tower" (It's one story.) now do duty as university buildings. The factory buildings shown above are now gone.
Wood Oil Tank
The remains of oil field equipment can be found cross the creek from the campus. The wooden oil tank shown above sets hidden in brush. Further south, look for an abandoned oil pipe line with a Dresser Coupling made years ago here in Bradford.
Tree Cut By Beaver
The tree above has been cut by a beaver. Despite human habitation nearby there is a great diversity of wildlife in these woods.
Easy access from residential areas and the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford makes The Richard E. McDowell Community Trail the most popular walkway of all the Tuna Valley trails. The 10 ft wide, paved, gentle path along the West Branch of Tunungwat Creek offers perennial plantings, trout fishing, glimpses of the area’s oil heritage, wildlife (including an occasional black bear), and friendly people.  Do you know the trees in our woods? Print our tree guide and take it with you. There are labeled trees on this trail and the tree guide gives additional information.