The Indian Pipe Plant, also known as Ghost Plant, like its relative pinesap, has no chlorophyll, so it cannot obtain energy from sunlight. Instead, it gets nutrients from organic matter in the soil. The 4 to 10-inch plants can be found in woods. Their 3/4-nch flowers are usually white with black flecks and a pale pink coloration. Rarely the flower will be a deep red color.
Indian Pipe Plant
Because the Indian Pipe Trail is mostly on access roads it is wide and smooth. This is a good trail for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and bicycling as well as hiking.

This 7.4 mile multi-use hiking, biking, jogging trail crosses a 4,000 acre tract of Allegany Northern Hardwood forest under the stewardship of the Bradford City Water Authority. This corridor is also used for active forestry management and access to oil and gas reserves as well as access for hunters and other sportsmen.

Indian Pipe Trail Map

7.4 mi.

Dirt road with gentle climbs

Good cycling, X-country skiing or walking

Trail Marker Trail marker on Indian Pipe Tr. Markers on right going north, on left going south.

Printable trail map.