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Crook Farm Line Map

3.0 miles, Surface – fine crushed stone

Urban, streamside, grassland, woodland edged

Easy hiking, bicycling

Beginning in 1847, four generations of the Crook family lived on the 80 acre farm that names The Crook Farm Trail. In 1974 the farm was purchased by the Bradford Landmark Society. Now, the property and preserved buildings memorialize the legacy of the first settlers in the Tuna Valley - farmers.

Currently the trailhead of the 3.0 mile limestoned trail is upstream from The Crook Farm. The graveled parking area is off Bolivar Drive next to the Tuna. Traveling along the left bank, the trail continues downstream and passes through the old Crook property. The comforting, calm, wide water of the Tuna passes slowly all along the trail. A sign points the way to a side-trail and the buildings of The Crook Farm. The main trail continues to the Tuna Crossroads bridge.

Upon reaching the bridge the trail crosses to the opposite bank and begins the return. The view is now of the hillsides to the west. A bridge crosses Foster Brook. Back at Bolivar Drive, the trail recrosses Tuna Creek and arrives back at the parking lot.

Tuna from the trail
Starting at the trailhead at Bolivar Drive, the walker is soon on the grassy western banks of the Tuna. Plans are underway to extend the trail on the opposite side in order to make a loop trail.
Power House
This oil field power house sets beside the creek at Crook Farm. Typically a simple, single-cylinder make-and-break engine pulls the rods that operate the jacks. The jacks in turn move the rods in the wells and pump out the oil. Though the principal is simple early oil field workers used great ingenuity to overcome obstacles and varied terrain.
updated 1/13/11
While walking the Crook Farm Trail, Lisa Esch photographed this eagle being chased by a red-winged black bird.