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New Bullis Hollow Trail a connection to Tracy Ridge and the North Country Trail

Since TVTA’s beginning in 1998 the advantages of connecting trails in the Tuna Valley to the multi-state North Country Trail has been recognized. Late in 2011 the TVTA received authorization from the National Forest Service to construct such a link. The new trail connects the Trail System at Marilla Reservoir to Johnnycake Trail at Tracy Ridge Campground with a single-track path of 7.8 miles. The North Country Tail can then be reached by any of several paths in the Tracy Ridge Hiking Trail System.

Connection to Tracy Ridge and the North Country Trail brings backpacking to the Tuna Valley. Hikers on the North Country Trail will have the option of a connecting trail to Bradford where they can obtain supplies, lodging and entertainment. Going the other direction, Marilla Reservoir is now effectively a trail head for the NCT.

Trail Guide

These new trail guides give you detailed directions for navigating the Bullis Hollow and Marilla Springs Trails. Distances, landmarks and other useful information is included. The guides are not stand-alone navigation tools - they should be used to augment a topographic map and compass.

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Map of Bullis Hollow Trail

TVTA members are excited about this new trail. We believe hikers from the Tuna Valley and elsewhere will enjoy the excellent longer distance hiking that it will provide.

On severely inclement days even the hardiest hikers are likely to stay home. At those times they look at the maps for new routes and plan for future explorations. The coming addition of the Bullis Hollow Trail has already suggested a new route. The proposed route would use Bullis Hollow Trail and five existing trails to make a loop through the Marilla Water Shed, Allegheny National Forest and Allegany State Park (New York). This would be a backpacking trip requiring camping along the way and would take three to four days. The trail segments making the loop are, beginning at Marilla Reservoir:

There is presently no single map or trail guide to this loop. A person planning to hike it would need to study the available maps and other literature and make their own plan. Here are some resources to get started.

If some adventurous person would like to explore this route and report on it we would like to hear from you. Contact us at

Last updated 11/23/12