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Marilla Bridges Trail Line Map
Dam and Bridge

A 19th century reservoir is the centerpiece of this trail. The 20-acre Marilla Reservoir  is visible from almost any point on the trail. Grand pines, two stream inlets and a stonework dam surround the pool and are reflected in the water. Three wooden bridges cross the feeder streams and the spillway. This is a trail of idyllic scenes.

A gazebo, Madeline’s Birders’ Rest, can be found at the southern end of the loop. This is a great spot to enjoy your surroundings as you rest, picnic or meet with friends. The site of the gazebo is also the trailhead of the Marilla Springs Trail.

Just across Marilla Brook from the gazebo is the eastern end of the White Pines Trail. It can also be accessed from the Marilla Springs Trail.

Marilla Bridges Trail is a one mile loop following the edge of the reservoir.
Reservoir Viewed Through Pines
Reservoir With Boats
Every view across the water is a beautiful scene. The reservoir and the watershead supplying it is under the care of the Bradford Water Authority.

1 mi. loop

Forest, reservoir

Fine-crushed limestone

Easy walking, wildlife viewing, fishing

Printable trail map.
Non-motorized boats are allowed on the reservoir.